Week 18 – Being Vulnerable in a true mastermind.

On Wednesdays, I meet with my mastermind partners. Two other gals who are also Christians. We are hitting stride and getting a formation down about how we want our meetings to go and what we want to accomplish. We have created a group DMP!
Well, this past week I almost didn’t attend the meeting because I didn’t want to go through the discomfort of admitting aloud that I had not kept one of my commitments but I did go and boy am I ever glad I did! I had a beautiful moment where I was able to be vulnerable about business goals and actions and as it turned out, I hadn’t fully realized that the other two ladies were in the same spot as me, more or less!
So now instead of staying stuck, we have come up with a plan to keep moving forward together and I am so thrilled about that!
stencil.default (7)
This was the true spirit of masterminding at it’s best! Even before we started this Wednesday meeting we were meeting on Marco Polo before with some other folks so us three are certainly friends now. We care about each other and pray for each other. It’s really quite a remarkable and beautiful thing!

Also, another gal and I are working on a project that will likely turn into a book! I’m very excited about that and honored to be a part of it.

I mentioned above that I was feeling stuck about some business goals and actions. I can say with huge amounts of gratitude that the MKMMA has given me more clarity and vision, tools to draw my own map than I have ever known before! It has given me the tools to change from a scattered consciousness to a focused consciousness and that is so amazing but in this one area, I was not having breakthrough yet. And I still have not quite but I am certainly feeling now, that I am on the edge of something brilliant. I don’t need to know what it is yet. I don’t need to. I know too much now to let that bother me one bit. I will keep moving forward, keep thinking about what I do want, keep being courageous, loving, faithful and happy and everything will come into place when it needs to!


2 thoughts on “Week 18 – Being Vulnerable in a true mastermind.

  1. You are a true, driven woman! I’m so glad you and your mastermind ladies had such a fantastic connection and moment of Growth 💕 you always gave the power. Remember my luv, that it is the faith of a mustard seed required… You got this!
    Much love
    Peace be the Journey


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