Week 19 – The way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power.

With my upcoming immigration, it’s been so interesting that new fears make an attempt to pop up, even though it is a core aspect of my DMP and my dream come true! Interesting because I KNOW that I have power and knowing what I know, helps to squash those fears, push them out.  I actually had an instance where I burst out laughing because I know that it’s within me to think about what I want and trust God that he will take care of all my needs!
This week has been awesome because every day I find myself drinking in perfect little moments or reacting to a situation as if it could be my last day on earth.
It’s a beautiful thing to keep in mind.
Another great thing is that I have been doing my sit in the morning and it has been working out way better! If I just give myself that half hour in the morning to read GS, BPB, DMP, POA, 7 laws, law of giving, service card and some others I added, then read MK and sit, it gets the day off to such an amazing start!
I am doing the work and it is paying off! I would not say that I am doing everything perfectly but I am doing my best and what’s really cool, is I have no excuses anymore. I know too much. Everything in this life is what  I am bringing to myself with my thoughts and intentions. I can feel myself changing for the better, and I love it. I am more and more grateful that this whole process in MKMMA is becoming a part of who I am, who I really am and who I am meant to be.


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