Week 20 – Follow Your Bliss

I am very grateful that I watched both I am and Finding Joe. I found some of the science backing up the concepts in I am amazing and I loved how it was talking on more of a global scale, using the example, often times of great leaders in the last 100 years like Ghando, MLK Jr., Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandala and the list goes on…
I also loved that the gentleman who made the film also directed Ace Ventura and some other funny movies. Who knew Tom Shadyac had such a story? I think my favorite part of the whole film, though, was when they were talking about St. Jude’s hospital that treats children with cancer for free. I never knew there was such a place and I am grateful that there is!
Finding Joe was more of an inward look, which was awesome. It confirmed to me on a deep level that as I am about to get married and move away from my home country, beginning all the plans my partner and I have for our life together, I am on my heroes journey and that I have answered the telephone call from God, so to speak.  I am following my bliss. And I was comforted by the fact that certain fears are normal, certain people not wanting me to go is normal, uncertainty is … a must! Which reminds me that we talked about getting out of the comfort zone in last weeks webby.  But I do have a plan, a map. It’s my plan and my map and we’ll see what God’s plan is! Either way, I trust him.
I wondered for a little while in thought, if it could actually be this simple…gravitating towards what makes me the happiest, makes me feel the most alive and the most purpose, and then remaining open for more expansion through curiosity, adventure, and love… follow your bliss.  Another thought I have often is a really cool one: If I would have made a DMP statement 5 years ago, my life NOW is pretty much exactly what would have been on it. To know that I have brought about every circumstance in my life with my own thoughts and feelings is absolutely magnificent because my life is completely amazing in every single way and it’s only getting better!


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