Week – 22 Thoughts are spiritual seeds

Well, normally I would feel pretty bad about having my blog post up so very late! But if I would have actually written it, it would have been so much different than it is now…
Last week it was my intention to write about how the MKMMA has led me to not be so rigid about the info I listen to. After all, I have discernment and if something doesn’t jive with me, I don’t have to absorb it, I can reject it and move along, right?
Well, I do believe that in a way that can be true but his past week I allowed my hunger for head-knowledge to get in the way of my spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thoughts are spiritual seeds and isn’t it so interesting how far we can be led down a rabbit hole?
I started listening to this 14 CD set thing I found on Youtube and I still think that one is pretty fabulous. It goes over many of the concepts that we have learned here in the MK and just makes things very clear, all condensed into about 10 hours of teaching. Very good. But then I started getting into all this other stuff, metaphysics, and some weird quackery…I won’t get into it too much because these are my beliefs and in no way do I intend to shame anyone for what they believe.
But I came across this one guy’s stuff and I was really enjoying it! Really cool info about how our brains work! But then I saw that he was involved with a spirit channeler… and I ignored it for the most part. I thought, Well that’s kind of spooky, but I left it there.
I had bought 2 of this guys DVDs and had some stuff on the way here from Amazon.
Then the next day I went to a bible study like I sometimes do with my friends.
I never seek out “prophesies” or ask people to speak a word over me because I am not even sure if I believe in that stuff… but this gentleman came up to me and asked if he could pray for me.
He said you’ve been involved in the occult.
And I was thinking well yeah before I was walking with the Lord I was into all kinds of wacky stuff and dark music and so on…
But then when I got home it hit me.
It was that spirit channeler.
How could I have actually ignored that and thought it was still okay to listen to that guy who learns directly from the spirit chaneler? (Again, these are my bible-beleiving judeo Christian beliefs and this is something that is not right for me. For someone else it might be what they’re into)
So I returned the package to Amazon, I deleted the DVDs from my computer, I threw away some of the weird witchy things in my house that I had just let slide.
I prayed. I listened to sermons.
I know I am forgiven and I don’t feel any guilt but I feel like I am getting closer to my DMP because a huge part of that is to serve God in every capacity with my entire being and I am very blessed to have had these stumbling blocks pointed out to me.
It was a very profound experience.


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