Week 22a – Life is the little things.

I just noticed yesterday that God is bringing around a theme lately, and I intend for it to stay! That theme details.
I guess in a way this can be considered a continuation of my last week’s blog, which is cool because it’s an extended week, I guess I could say!
Anyways, it really struck me that this is so much of what the MKE is all about: Attention to detail. Being very conscious of my thoughts, my speech, exactly what I write, how I talk to myself in my head or mutter things to myself.
After all, life is really, only a string of little moments, life is ‘the little things!’
stencil.default (11)
It’s amazing, after that Bible study last week, I’m noticing things all around me that have been with me for years that I no longer need or want to have in my life. This is also in light of my imminent move to the states, I am downsizing, streamlining and minimizing.
Today is actually Sunday, so I am late again. Over the past 2 weeks, to be honest I have not been doing all my tasks, reads and promises the way I was before! It’s crazy! Every so often Mark and Davene would say: “This is a week where a lot of people drop out or just stop doing the stuff.” and I would hardly be able to believe them because all the way through, I have done pretty good! I had sometimes where I was not as committed as I would have liked to have been but I never once, not even for a second, thought about quitting, and I think that’s something to be happy of myself for! However, this past week and the week before, I have been almost completely out of the game… which is silly…. like, what am I even doing here if I am not going to give it my all like I had promised myself!?
So now I am dusting myself off and getting back into it! It feels great. I have not done my silence but I chose the days right away. I will wait till my 3-year-old daughter goes to her dads for a week at the end of this month! So, that’s lots of time to prepare, book days off work or whatever I have to do. Hearing the feedback on the webby today made me realize, or reinforced how important this is.
So, with that, I will say I am ready to rock for another awesome week of MKE! Thank you for reading!


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